Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club (DIIFC)

Membership Application ($40)*


If renewing, please update information only as needed.  Both renewal and new members, please print current email address.


Name:     _______________________________    Home Phone:  _____________________


Address:  _______________________________   Work Phone:  ______________________


                _______________________________     Cell Phone:    ______________________


Spouse’s Name:  ____________   Email address:  ___________________________________


Boat Owner?       Yes       No          Type/Make:  ______________________   Length:  _______


                             If Yes, DICA License number on boat/trailer: __________


Names of other family members:_________________________________________________


Comments and Suggestions:  ___________________________________________________



I am a resident of Daniel Island or currently work on Daniel Island and at least 18 years of age.   Please accept this application for membership in the DIIFC.   Enclosed is my payment of $40 calendar year annual dues.

* Dues are for calendar year (e.g. JAN-DEC).  Payment of dues allows for the member and immediate family living at the
  same address to attend meetings, cookouts, fish frys, and parties.




DIIFC events, trips, and activities are undertaken at the member’s sole risk.  Any risk or injury is the member’s entire responsibility.  The DIIFC, its officers, and its other members are not liable to any member for any claims, demands, injuries, damages or actions arising due to injury to member’s person or property arising out of or in connection to any event, trip, or activity.  The member further holds the DIIFC, its officers, and its other members harmless for all claims which may be brought against them by the member or on member’s behalf for such injuries or claims.


I have read and understand the above waiver and release of liability.


____________________________________     ___/___/__

      Signature of member                                            Date



Please return to Donna Widener, 8009 Gibbon, Daniel Island, SC  29492