The Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club was started in January 2003 by Daniel Island residents with Ron Silverman organizing and providing continuity over the years.  Below is a note from our founder and first club president:


The concept of the club was not just about catching fish. Our objective was to form a club that would bring DI fisherman and their families together through monthly meetings, fishing activities, and social events, with an emphasis on making new friends, learning more about fishing from each other and from guest speakers, and participating in conservation efforts.

We circulated a “Flyer” inviting Daniel Islanders to come to the club’s “organizational meeting” on January 15, 2003. It was a great meeting, perhaps attended by 30 or so Islanders, and our club was formed.

Let me end by saying that I will be forever grateful that the club has enabled me to make so many good friends. It is who I fish with and not how many fish I catch that makes my day.

Ron Silverman