March 2014 Forecast

March is a tough time to consistently catch fish.  While the weather improves and the water temperature rises, the fish do not adhere to any reliable pattern.   So the key to success is flexibility.  If the Redfish in the shallows are uncooperative, give them a try around deeper docks.  If your favorite lure is not working, try live bait or blue crab.  The same is true for Trout.  Systematically cover the water column until the fish tell you what they want that day.


March can be frustrating for anglers.  However, if you are flexible in your approach, the odds are in your favor.


Captain Greg Peralta

Twitter @CaptGregP

Capt. Greg Peralta’s Summer Fishing Tips

This summer, the fishing has been quite good but very different.  So different that it seems kind of silly to write a forecast.  Of course, no one ever said I was smart so here goes. 

Shrimp in the creeks are plentiful and growing.  Everything with gills and teeth will be focusing on this abundant food source.  Thus, live shrimp is the bait of choice.  The good news about using live shrimp for bait is that you will get lots of bites.  The bad news is that many of the bites will be from non-target species.   

In shallow water, I recommend waiting until you see the fish (usually Redfish or Black Drum) before presenting your shrimp offering.  This increases the probability that a “target” species will actually eat your live shrimp.   

In deeper water, it is hard to keep a shrimp in the water long enough for a target species to find it.  However, if you are persistent a Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Sheephead or Black Drum will eventually find and eat your shrimp.  If the “bait stealers” get to bad, try switching to a shrimp imitation lure.  Sometimes these lures are more productive than the real thing. 

Since shrimp will be the primary forage, look for areas that concentrate them.  Small creeks that drain into the main river are good bets during the falling tide.    As the tide falls, shrimp (and other goodies) are carried out of the marsh and creeks.  Predators are quick to figure this out and will show up in these areas on a regular basis.   

So here is my formula for fishing success. 

Fish = Live shrimp (or shrimp imitation lure) + Small creeks on the falling tide